Friday, February 3, 2012


Wednesday, I was walking with an upward glance around campus.  My path was up, with an interest in the wires.  
Gabriel Orozco, as mentioned in class, said that marking or manipulating the world becomes an "obsession of building bridges of communication."  Isn't that what wires are, literally? 
Already they are communication lines, but as aesthetic or design I have not seen them addressed.  In my walk, I tried to frame them in a way where they would become marks and manipulations themselves, and lost as lines of human communication.
Instead, they speak of a design contrast: man-made linear vs nature's organic.

I came across a thought as I continued to photograph: both the wires and the branches that visually interrupt the sky are supported by a trunk.  This wooden pole resembles the beginning of this tree's trunk until it breaks out of the silhouette.It's a muted statement on how man has manipulated nature for his needs...or are they wants?

There is also a story of natural light vs unnatural light.  We have created our own suns for when the night takes over the day.  

Modern Tree vs Tree
Both branch out.
One to people.
The other to leaves.

Eventually I was becoming less interested with the way wires framed nature's design.  I looked for other "background" colors by using man-made structures to fill the space the sky usually takes up.  This photo resembles a snowy hill, but its actually the top of the tennis court area. 

While continuing my walk, I saw the opportunity to take this shot.  I was excited when I found it, since it looks like a floating metal box.  It was attached to another one of those wooden poles that used to be trees. 

I saw these wires invading a wooded area.
They swept right through.
The area was surrounded four buildings.
These trees were fenced in a rectangular area, perimetered by the four.

At this intersection there was a tree in on of those liminal spaces.  No one pays much attention to it, they are waiting for the traffic light to tell them when to go and when to stop.
Isn't that true? Modern and not-so-modern ways of communication make us less perceptible of nature.

A vignette portrait of a tree lost in the city.

This was one of my favorite wire-tree photos.  It is drowning in the wires, trying to reclaim its space.

My main principle in taking all these photos for the travelogue was perspective.  That was what I kept in mind while trying to take interesting pictures of the intersections, juxtapositions, and compositions that I found.  In the above photo, I managed to position the moon in between the rods on this light pole.  Another natural light vs unnatural light photo.

My favorite wire-only piece.

I did find interesting things on the ground as well.  Above is a cairn, below is a henge.

The growth of something green
on the concrete.


These remind me of Maya Lin's Peace Chapel.

One for Grass.
One for Garbage.

A tube quenching the plants below.
It's just a little drip.

Natural light (moon) and unnatural light.


  1. I found it interesting that you decided to point the camera UP to find the liminal space between man and nature. Most everyone else (myself included) chose to look down to find these elements. Creative idea! My favorite picture you took is where the wire is cutting directly through the middle of the photo, so although it is 2 different tree branches, it looks like one that is just being reflected (the 7th photo down). Nice job!

  2. Emilia - Not sure why the videos will not run -- maybe attempt to load them again or first put them on YouTube or Vimeo and then onto the blog? The images are great and the narrative flows well.

  3. The videos have been re-uploaded and they work! Let me know if there is still a problem. and thanks!

  4. Emilia, I love the videos. Wires have a very interesting role in nature, they spread information and energy across the planet at unbelievable speeds. I think that perspective is very interesting. I also really enjoy the photos you found on the ground. Your interpretation of Maya Linn was great.

  5. I actually like your last five images the most, especially the green substance on the concrete wall. There is an incredible tactility to the image. It makes me want to touch that wall through my screen. The image right above it also has a certain sense of eeriness to that I'm having a hard time describing. It's almost shrine like in nature, like someone made a resting place for their cat in front of their apartment. Even though it makes me slightly uncomfortable I feel like that is one of the greatest strengths of the picture.

  6. The first picture that caught my attention was the tree split in half by the telephone wire. I like how the wire frames the elements of nature, it alludes to mans manipulation of nature. I also liked the picture with the tree growing out of the light pole. The final picture I liked is the picture of the concrete with moss on it, it reminds me of the aurora borealis.